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Our Bookkeeping Service is design to benefit not only your business but your life. Plans tailored to get you to speed on your business is our top priority. We can provide training or on going bookkeeping, we offer hourly or monthly plans.

If your business is meaningful to you and you care, you know you need a specialist to do your bookkeeping, is a must. Is time to invest into your business! And also, in you. Our Services saves an average of $3,500 income tax, 90% of our clients say that hiring El Cerro for their Bookkeeping needs was a significant stress relief And allowed an extra 20-35 hrs. free every week.

Take your business and life to the next level and hire us!

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What is bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions in a business whether manually or using an online software and storing and retrieving data.

A sound bookkeeping practice will give you the confidence that you have all the records to back you up in any given time and date, may be to send Invoices copies to Clients, IRS audits, etc.

We will get you covered, and you’ll not be alone in this!

A few reasons why is so vital to hire us:

  1. Track tax deductions
  2. Free up time for yourself
  3. Take pressure off you
  4. Have clear & accurate accounts receivables (projects accounting)
  5. Stay compliant with the IRS and the FTB
  6. Improve cash flow
  7. Pay suppliers & subcontractors on time and accurately
  8. Create a budget
  9. Prepare for the worst-case scenario
  10. Apply for commercial lines of credit (even when you don’t need them)
  11. Reply to those audits with confidence and without the stress to answer!

What we do:

  1. Set up your company file (One time set up fee)
  2. We record transactions, electronic or manually
  3. Expense management – continually revised and updating.
  4. Reconcile bank accounts & credit cards
  5. Billing & Accounts Payable
  6. Class & job costing (Construction Accounting)
  7. General Ledger maintenance
  8. Financial reports (Profit and Loss & Balance Sheet)
  9. Statement of Cash Flow
  10. 1099’s reports & e-file 1099’s
  11. Software Training, Including: Quickbooks or Sage or Drake
  12. Help or Assist in an IRS or Insurance audit.
  13. We talk to your Tax preparer to assist in any way it may be needed to get you do your taxes with a stress-free mind.

What we don’t do:

  1. Income Tax Preparation
  2. Notary Services
  3. Document Preparation
  4. Financial advice

Our Plans

Elevation Monthly Bookkeeping Plan


From: $599
  • All-in-one bookkeeping tracking and services.
  • Provides monthly reconciliation.
  • Financial reports for easy tax season.

Rise Monthly Bookkeeping Plan


From: $799
  • Full-service bookkeeping available on a monthly or weekly basis
  • plans include a specific industry accounting
  • add-ons available for taxes, HR and payroll, class & jobs management, etc.

Climb Monthly Bookkeeping Plan

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